88+ Video Star QR Codes Transitions And Effects

Video star QR codes, Transitions, and effects create professional videos without a paid application.

You can create professional videos using these codes without using any paid Application.

Video Star QR Codes

Below we share 88+ video star QR codes transition, coloring for free. Using these QR Codes, you can easily create a professional video without coding or editing skills.

Spin Transition

What Is Video Star QR Code?

These Video Star QR Codes permit you to access other creators’ settings to the editors who give them more advanced effects on their videos. Also, it gives you relief from going through so many other editing windows just by simply putting these QR codes in Video Star App.

Video Star QR Codes
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Video Star QR Codes Transitions

Additional of these transitions are only helpful at the time when you are using multiple images or video clips. These transitions between videos end up with some fantastic effects. Video Star offers tremendous transition effects that will take your videos to the next level.

Here are some of the widespread transition effects in Video Star:

Spin Transition

We can rotate the images or videos clockwise or anti-clockwise using this Spin Transition. This also allows you to adjust the angles using a slider at the left according to your choice.

Slide Transition

Slide Transition mimics the usual sliding effects and makes you feel like you are scrolling through media on your phone. Video Star can also adjust the smoothness of the sliding impacts according to you, using some slide curves.

Zoom-in / Zoom-out Transition

This Zoom Transition is one of the most widely used transitions in Video Star for videos and images. Adding this effect before transitioning will gradually increase or decrease the size of the video/image.

Shake Transition

Video Star QR Code Shake is the transitions that add cool effects to your video while editing a multi-layer video.

This Shake Transition is mainly used while making a slideshow. It is a multi-layer transition. This transition in Video Star gives a shake appearance to the following clip in a slideshow.

Bounce Transition

This transition bounces the coming image or video at the entrance when applied. It is also a widely used transition for slideshows.

Distortion Transition

This transition slightly distorts the video at the end, but then you can control the strength of the distortion.

Coloring Transition

Adding colors to your videos and images makes you stand different in this editing game. You can add color effects to your videos by importing Video Star presets.

Video QR Coloring Transition Types

  1. Custom Curve
  2. Multi-Layer
  3. Free Single Layer
  4. Individual Multi-Layer Keyframes
  5. Clip Transformer
  6. Custom Coloring
  7. Color Artist
  8. Time Slicer
  9. Sketch Artist
  10. Pro Color Lab
  11. Clone City
  12. Effect Setup
  13. Pro Particle Lab

Benefits of Video Star QR Code

If you are into the B2B business, you can use these barcodes to promote your company, which is an excellent way to market your brand. These are the few advantages of QR codes-

  1. They can enhance your SMO and SEO
  2. You can measure their effectiveness
  3. QR Codes promote sharing and networking
  4. You can get creative
  5. They can be used as a ‘call-to-action.’
  6. Customers love them
  7. They get connected to your online and offline media.

Share Your Videos Using Video Star QR Codes

This Video Star allows you to share your videos or different effect setups just by using this Video Star QR Code. To share these:

  • You need to tap the QR code on your screen, then tap share, and after naming it, you will have to choose where to share it.

Ways To Use Video Star QR Codes

It is pretty simple to use QR Codes in Video Star. You can use your own created QR code that you must have saved in your settings.

There are a few steps you need to follow to import the QR Code:

  1. Download and install the Video Star application from App Store or download Video Star APK.
  2. Open the video clip you want to edit in your Video Star App. You can apply QR codes in the following windows Transform, Multi-Layer, or Re-Effect.
  3. Tap the QR code icon on the top, beside the Cancel button, and select Import.
  4. You will get an alert that applying a QR code will erase all your existing settings; select Yes.
  5. Find out your QR code in your album, and as soon as you confirm, you can see effects applied to your video clip.

Pros & Cons of Video Star QR Codes


  • Interesting application possibilities
  • Fast information retrieval


  • Issues with some placements
  • Added value not clear
  • Security risks sometimes


  1. How can I make my Video Star edits better?

    There are a few ways to improve your editing qualities:
    1. You should start importing high-resolution videos.
    2. You can increase the sharpness of the video /image.
    3. Blend your videos in a multi-layer.
    4. Try your best not to merge clips.

  2. How do you use QR codes?

    You need to follow a few steps:
    1. Open your in-built camera app on your phone/tablet.
    2. Point the camera to the QR code. It will start scanning the code.
    3. Click on the bar that appears on your phone.
    4. Follow the further instructions on the screen for signing in.

  3. How do you create a code for free?

    Follow the steps below:
    1. Go to www.qrcode-tiger.com.
    2. Select the type of QR code you need.
    3. To generate your QR code, enter the information required.
    4. Click static QR code, but going for dynamic is always better.
    5. Customize your QR code and do a scanning test before you print it.
    6. Now download, print, and deploy your QR code.

  4. How many variations of QR codes are there?

    There are, in total, 30+ QR codes available. These are cost-effective, easy to implement, and significantly improve your ROI.

  5. What does QR code do on video star?

    Video star qr codes allow you to edit professional videos without using paid applications.


At last, it comes to the point: Are QR Codes helpful?

Yes. It has become beneficial as it can quickly give us information in a simple scan. It is a trendy and digital way that is increasing in demand.

Nowadays, editing videos and images have become so come, which has gradually increased the Video Star QR Codes, which have become so famous and made editing so simple. Video Star has many features like zoom, slide, shake, coloring, and more.

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