How Do You Get A QR Code For Video Star ? (100% Easy)

Do you know How do you get a QR code for video star? If no then you are now at the right place.

Video star apk is a most popular video creating app which is used to create professional videos without using any coding.

Using a video star QR Codes you can easily import and export a video settings and you can easily create a professional video by just importing the qr codes.

Before we tell you How do you get a QR code for video star? Lest talk about what is video star QR codes.

How Do You Get A QR Code For Video Star ?

If you want to create a video star QR codes then follow these steps carefully, So you can easily create a video star qr codes and using it perfectly.


First of all select a video from your computer or smartphone and import it any video editing software like After-EffectTransform, or Multi-Layer etc.


Now in second step just edit your selected clip in these video editing software.

Step 3-

In 3rd step just finish your editing and click on QR CODE ICON and then share icon. If you’re in the Re-Effects or Multi-Layer Window) tap Share once more.


Now when you clicked the QR Code icon then a new pop windows will appear in your screen here you will give a name of you created video star qr code. We suggest you to give a proper name for your qr code and click on the next button.


When you click on next button then a new pop up window will appear in you screen that is “Save it on your computer”. Now save your video star qr code where you want in you system which is helps you to finding your QR code.

Congratulations we are created a video star qr codes successfully. Now lets see how can we use the qr code to create a professional video.

How Do You Use A Video Star QR Cod ?

If you want to use the qr codes in video star app then you can follow these simple steps carefully so that you can easily import qr codes. Lest do it.


First of all open video editing software’s like Re-EffectTransform, or Multi-Layer etc. Just open the video editing app and import your video form your gallery.


Now after importing the video then click on the three dot of the top of the corner side.

Step 3-

When you select the three dot then click on import the QR code.


Now import the qr code which is created you.


When you import the qr code then edit the graph for better editing. Congratulation you are successfully used the qr code.

What Is A Video Star QR Code ?

How Do You Get A QR Code For Video Star

Basically QR code stands for  Quick Response Code. Basically it is two dimensional bar code. Using qr code in video star app you can easily create a professional video.

This QR codes are used in digital smartphones and camera to make their work easy. There are lots of varies QR Codes available in internet, Few ones are we discuss below.

Types Of Video Star Qr Codes

Basically there are lots of video star qr codes are available in internet, Below we share with you few types of QR codes.

  1. Custom Curve
  2. Multi-Layer
  3. Free Single Layer
  4. Individual Multi-Layer Key frames
  5. Clip Transformer
  6. Custom Coloring
  7. Color Artist
  8. Time Slicer
  9. Sketch Artist
  10. Pro Color Lab
  11. Clone City
  12. Effect Setup
  13. Pro Particle Lab


  1. What are different QR codes video star?

    These are the different types of video star qr codes-
    Custom Curve
    Free Single Layer
    Individual Multi-Layer Key frames
    Clip Transformer
    Custom Coloring
    Color Artist
    Time Slicer
    Sketch Artist
    Pro Color Lab
    Clone City
    Effect Setup
    Pro Particle Lab

  2. How do I generate a QR code?

    1.Open any video editing app
    2.Select the video you want
    3.Then edit your video as you want
    4.Then click on the 3 dots
    5.Then click on generate the qr code

  3. How much does a QR code cost?

    Basically there are mainly 2 types of qr codes they are Static QR code and Dynamic qr code. Static qr codes are totally free and dynamic qr codes are little bit expensive that is 5$ per month.

  4. Who made videostar?

    Owner – Jo Beom made the videostar.
    Production Location- South Korea
    Running Time- 90 Minutes


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